12 Days of Christmas Sweaters on Jimmy Fallon

The Greatest Seasonal Gifts!


One of the best, seasonal “bits” on TV is Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters. He has done it for a few years and it gets better every year. The sweaters do too!

Each night, a big display comes out and the corresponding sweater for the night is revealed. An audience member is chosen to get the sweater and they wear it. The sweaters are truly over-the-top and some even light up.

I do think Jimmy has missed the boat on the sweaters, however. Someone should manufacture them and have them for the holiday buying season, even if they are only available online. But a big chain store would love them. I would pay for one! Or a set could be auctioned off for charity.

Catch it at the beginning of the Tonight Show right now!

Barbe Awalt


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