White House Sets Terrible Example!

I wouldn't want to even buy a used car from Anthony Scaramucci! Such a bad example for our kids.


“Much” and why he is a terrible example!

Anthony Scaramuccie came into our lives this week. Already we want him gone. Aside from the fact that he has no experience doing what he is doing – no one has experience in the President’s White House and that may explain why nothing gets done. He is foul and a bad example.

Do we want to explain to kids why someone with a “colorful” mouth is in the White House? It is not colorful language it is downright crude and awful. A great example to other world leaders who are sitting there going, “what is happening in DC?” Trump is calling people names and now the Much is calling people bleeping names. Is that the new qualification to work in the White House – a vocabulary that comes from the streets?

Only a year ago, if someone used that kind of language coming from the White House, he would have been fired instantly. A little down and dirty is frankly good, but this is way over the top.

On top of it, AOL reports that the Much is heading to divorce court. She can’t take his mouth or attitude problems. We shouldn’t either and we need to expect more. I hope Mario Cantone is doing the Much on SNL. He already does a mean Much.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: The Much was just fired! Wow! Blink and things change in Washington!

WOW! Officials Go to UNM Press & the Warehouse!!!

What a concept! Actually go to UNM Press offices and the UNM Press warehouse by the three stooges who tried to grab the warehouse. One of the things the Almost Provost was asked at the NM Book Co-op lunch meeting - was he ever at the UNM Press offices or warehouse? The Almost Provost said NO!

I have a feeling that the Almost President of UNM and Dean of Libraries hadn’t been either. So, wrap your mind around the fact that the three stooges are making decisions about two places ON THE UNM CAMPUS they have never been to or seen?!?!?!? Unreal. You don’t want to see the warehouse that you are making million dollar decisions about because maybe you don’t have time? OR maybe you want to see it now since other people know you are clueless and have never bothered to look at it!

Who said you had to be informed at UNM? No one else is!

Are You A US Citizen?


This week, a middle school teacher from California was stopped at the Border Patrol Checkpoint north of Las Cruces, New Mexico. I have been through that checkpoint many times and it take about 10 seconds. She was asked, as is everyone, if she was a United States citizen. She refused to answer.

Now the “challenge authority” cells in my body said immediately, great! But I thought about it more and it might not be great. She said she did it because it was racist and her Hispanic friends objected to it. The whole encounter was video taped. The Border Patrol gives you a card when you refuse to answer, allowing them to ask if you are a US citizen, from the Supreme Court and allowing them to do it even if they aren’t at the border. The teacher refused to answer again and was detained for over an hour.

First of all, the woman is a teacher. What is she teaching kids? That it is OK to not answer if the US Border patrol asks you if you are a US citizen? So much for citizenship in her classroom.


I am proud to be a US citizen. Even right now when things are a mess in the United States, I realize I could not have gotten this far and enjoy the rights I have if I weren’t a US citizen. If I lived in another country, I probably would be asked that daily and have to furnish proof of my status. We are spoiled.

So I am a US citizen. Proud of it and still want things to get better. Being a US citizen, that teacher had the right to refuse an answer. Makes you think doesn’t it!

Barbe Awalt


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