TriCore -- Really? Congrats to Slim Randles (sorry that I put both these in the same headline!)

TriCore Bad! Slim Randles Good!


TriCore Really?

I had a blood draw at TriCore North in Presbyterian. I had been putting it off for years and who knows, if I am dying maybe a blood draw will tell me, but that is another story.

So I went in. I was directed to a chair but someone got there before me and peed on the chair. You would think that a company concerned with blood and pee and handling them correctly would not allow patients to sit in pee but you would be wrong.

Pee1-squashed Pee2-squashed

They also had handicapped door opening devices broken - that is against the law and stupid. They also had up 4
th of July decorations – didn’t we do that already?


But that location had a posted award for being great. What if you weren’t great? I hate other people’s pee.

Happy 75th Birthday Slim Randles!!

Slim is, well Slim.

Slim_Randles-1223 (2)-squashed
He tells stories. Slim has done everything from hunting, The Iditarod, archery, newspapers, pack mules, books, fishing, and now radio – 59 locations, and a syndicated newspaper column in 434 outlets.


Slim also has a new book, the Fly Fisherman’s Bucket List. And that book is getting a lot of attention all across the country.

Happy 75
th Birthday, Slim! More to come!

Barbe Awalt


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