Did 2017 Have Some Good Things?

Let's try and remember the good things from this year!


Did 2017 Have Some Good Things?


I just read in the
Albuquerque Journal that David Steinberg has named What Makes Lightning by Ross Van Dusen one of the best New Mexico books of 2017. If truth be told, all of our books, we think, are the best but this is a great validation. Putting Ross in the neighborhood of Rudy Anaya, Anne Hillerman, and John Nichols as well of others is great! Congrats to Ross. He has more coming – he never stops!


I am especially proud of the Little Free Libraries in Los Ranchos. I couldn’t have done it without Carla Aragon and her husband, Mayor Abraham, Kelly Ward and of course Paul Rhetts. This gives people a way to enjoy books and if they get hooked they will try a big library or a bookstore. Judging by the number of books I am putting in the Libraries, it is a hit! Reading is fundamental!

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The NM & AZ Book Awards continue to honor the best books in the Southwest. We are getting ready at the end of January, to open the contest for the 12
th year. It is a fight to continue to bring New Mexico books out to the public.

We also saw the beginning of the New Mexico Writers’ Dinner. This year it will be April 25, at La Fonda in Santa Fe. We all have to work together to make it happen.

AND, I am pleased the UNM Press books are staying in New Mexico. I hope it stays that way. It goes without saying their books and authors are first rate too!

I am happy the first of my three lawsuits against New Mexico Public Education Department was settled in February. It was settled in court ordered mediation and though I can’t talk about the results, I am smiling. I am getting ready for the first hearing on my $9M+ Inspection of Public Records acts lawsuit against NMPED on January 10. The second lawsuit for Breach of Contract against NMPED languishes in District Court. It has been over a year. This has not been an easy road but as an actor in
Network said – “I am mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore.”

2017 has been a fight for every little thing. Nothing is easy. Only the nasty, persistent, stubborn, loud, and very in-your-face succeed in this day of Twitter. I can’t wait for 2018. Happy New Year!

Barbe Awalt


FRANCELLE ALEXANDER ("Albuquerque's North Valley"
February 15: Bookworks, Rio Grande Blvd, 6pm
February 17: Los Ranchos Village Hall, 11am to 1pm
February 18: Treasure House Books, Old Town Plaza, 1pm

HENRIETTA CHRISTMAS & PAUL RHETTS ("The Basic Genealogy Checklist")
January 6: Hispanic Genealogy Research Center at National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque, 10am
January 9: El Castillo Living Center, Santa Fe, NM, 7pm

ROSS VAN DUSEN ("What Makes the Lightning?", "How the Crocka Dog Came to Be"; and "Lyle Got Stuck in a Tree")
Jan 24: Edna Ferguson Public Library, 3700 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque